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Professional Roof Restoration in Tweed Heads

When maintaining so many aspects of your home – from gardening, to cleaning inside and outside – it’s easy to forget about the humble rooftop… until something goes wrong, of course. But then you risk being stuck with potential water leakage or other forms of serious damage, which can cost you a fortune to repair. Thankfully, you can avoid paying a hefty bill by choosing our Roof restoration Tweed Heads services.

We’re experienced in providing restoration services for all kinds of residential properties and roof types. Our expertise and resources allows us to quickly identify and replace any damage that may be affecting the value and quality of your home.

Our Roof Inspection Process

When you make an appointment with us, we come visit your premise and perform a thorough assessment on the roof’s condition. Some of the common signs of damage we look for include:

For terracotta and cement roofs, all broken tiles are replaced or repaired to ensure no water enters the premise when we start the cleaning process.

For metal rooftops, we inspect each metal sheet to make sure they’re treated correctly for rust and properly secured plus we replace any damaged or worn-out screws.

Roof Restoration Tweed Heads
Roof Restoration Tweed Heads

Roof Coating

We apply two different kinds of coating to your rooftop. The first is an antifungal chemical, which is designed to prevent mould growth. While the other is an additional protective layer for the entire surface area. This coating reinforces each tile or metal sheet with improved strength and durability. And it reduces the effects of cracking or fading due to extreme temperature conditions.

Roof Restoration Tweed Heads
Roof Restoration Tweed Heads

Roof Cleaning

Using a high-pressure cleaning system, we thoroughly wash away all dirt, grime and other unwanted materials that may be present. And we clean your gutters to ensure there’s no chance of blockage occurring.

Ridge Capping

Ridge caps are specially-made tiles that join the two faces of a roof together. When these tiles become brittle and start cracking, rain and other impurities can enter your premise. We remove your old ridge caps and place new mortar over the existing cement bed, which prevents any rain or moisture from seeping into the ceilings

The Benefits of Roof Restoration

Besides providing an improved look, restored roofs are a quick and affordable way to increase the value of your home – which is great news if you’re planning on selling in the near future.

With early intervention, roof restoration can prevent serious damage from occurring to your house too. This will not only save you money and plenty of heartache, but also give you the assurance that your investment will maintain its quality for many years to come.
Roof restoration Tweed Heads also has many energy saving benefits. By identifying room locations and choosing a suitable colour scheme, your roof can either absorb or reflect incoming heat, which will save you on costly energy bills.

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