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Professional Roof Painting in Tweed Heads

When it comes to roof painting, we do more than just slap a coat of paint over it. Five Star Painting prides itself on – not only on creating personalized solutions that capture the style and architecture of your property – but also extending your rooftop’s lifespan and offering added protection against extreme hot and cold conditions. Our Roof Painting Tweed Heads services are timely, efficient and performed with care.

Preparing your Rooftop for a New Paintjob

When you make an appointment with us, we personally visit your premise and inspect the overall condition of your rooftop. Some of the key areas we check for include:

If we believe your roof may need major restoration work, we’ll advise you on what jobs need to be performed prior to starting any paintwork.

Roof Painting Tweed Heads
Roof Painting Tweed Heads

Vast Range of Colours

Choosing the colour of your rooftop can be a tough decision, but with the expert advice of our Roof painters Tweed Heads, we help you make an informed decision about your preferred style. There are many aspects that can influence which colour is right for your roof, such as the location of your property, how often it receives sunlight and the age of the property itself.

With our Roof Painting Tweed Heads services, we offer a wide range of bright, subtle and dark colour schemes, which can instantly modernize your home or re-capture a traditional or heritage feel.

Roof Painting Tweed Heads
Roof Painting Tweed Heads

Heat Absorbent and Reflective Benefits

Besides matching your intended style, the colour of your roof also has an effect on your home’s insulation properties. While darker colours tend to absorb heat, lighter colours reflect it. We can assist you in choosing a colour that’s suitable for the extreme climates that Queensland experiences, so you can keep the heat out during summer and trap the warm air inside during winter.

Roof Coating

On top of giving your rooftop a new paint job, we apply additional coating as a protective layer. This layer provides extra UV resistance and is specially formulated to withstand the effects of extreme heat and cold weather. It also provides a smooth finish to the paintjob, which is guaranteed to provide long-lasting relief against fading, mould and general wear-and-tear.

Fully Qualified and Insured

Our painters are fully licensed to operate in New South Wales and Queensland and are covered by 20 million dollar Public Liability Insurance. We adhere to all Australian OH&S regulations and Industry Standard Practices. So you know you’re receiving a professional and trustworthy service every time.

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